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Waitaminute… wasn’t working from home supposed to help you AVOID this kind of enthusiasm-flatlining?

Energy Management CoverIt’s 9am on a Monday morning, and you’re already tired. But more than that, you’re frustrated.

You started working for yourself because you wanted to help people. You were excited about it. Inspired. And motivated like WHOAH.

Because you’re an introvert, working from home looked like the perfect setup. All that time, completely, totally and blissfully on your own!

And to start with, that’s exactly how it felt.


Somewhere along the lines, though, something changed

Suddenly, instead of doing a happy dance every time you saw a potential new client enquiry in your inbox, you started cringing a little inside, wondering how you’d possibly manage it.

Instead of welcoming constructive feedback that would help you improve your offerings, you noticed yourself balking at having to change things (again!) As for taking the time to have a life outside of your business and refill your inner well? Forget about it – you’re way too busy!

You still want to help people. But finding the energy? That’s become harder and harder over time.

You’re exhausted. Your enthusiasm’s flatlined. And you have no idea how you got that way.


“How to Keep an Eye on Your Energy Levels” will help you

  • Understand the true energy cost of the activities in your life
  • Feel clearer about what you can do to help replenish that energy
  • Start to think about how you can use what you’ve learned to grow your business without exhausting yourself


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